Chairmans Message - February 2020


Refreshed by Julian and Hijri new years we must all be full of strength for the year ahead, particularly in the current very clement weather. From where I sit, and I have recently attended a BBBF event, business continues to look robust. There appears to be scope for everyone to build on past endeavours. The mighty Aramco has posted its IPO, raised a lot of cash and continues with its programme. The IKTVA event is almost upon us and I am sure that it will herald some large orders.

We have had security concerns but at this time the lid appears to be holding, not quite like the Corona virus which is a concern.

For the BBA year we have just a couple of months to run, another business event and then the AGM to which we have added the Quiz night. That might be a greater draw. But we do need to draw on the membership to consider running for committee and I do urge you please to delay no longer in signaling your willingness to do so. The BBA EP needs you!

On Monday 9th March we have a Business Dinner in the Blue Strawberry, where Gary Hunt and Khalid Darazi will speak about "Department for International Trade - a source of Energy". Refreshments and dinner will be served at SR150 per person, please reserve your place before 4th March 2020 with our Secretary.


Chairman BBA Eastern Province