Chairmans message - June 2019


We are cancelling the business event on 8th July. We have no speaker!

This reflects the messages I have put out in previous months to the effect that out of 277 members we should be receiving ideas and suggestions.

At the general meeting a couple of weeks back we did have a healthy gathering and the robust conversation that we needed. Several suggestions did come out of it and actually was not the time to record these. For those we are asking you to write these up and send them in, in writing.

One suggestion was that we should ask all 277 of you to tell us the what and where of your employment. This will give us a better picture of who we can target for what. For example, Sam (could be Samuel or Samantha) Smith turns out to be a maintenance superintendent of a pipeline department of a well known oil company up the hill. There are a few British companies who are active in the manufacture of things that are used in pipelines so we could build an event around that.

That is part one of your reply. Part two is a repeat of the earlier question. The question which prompted precisely zero response. The question about your favourite charity resulted in just three.

This question comes in the form not of multiple choice but a range of possible answers.

The most valuable answer will take the form of “I happen to be a bit of an expert in xyz and am very enthusiastic about the idea of making a presentation, knowing that I will receive a free dinner”.

Another answer might be “I know a bloke or blokess, who happens to be a bit of an expert in abc, and might be prepared to give a presentation in the knowledge that a free dinner and the much sought after BBA tie or scarf comes with it”

Another might be “Actually I am not an expert at anything, nor do I know any, but I am interested in attending a presentation on “whatever that might be”.

Of course we, perhaps especially Victor Meldrew, have a great history of “why don’t they……?” Accordingly, some sort of answer on these lines would also be useful. Well, better than nothing.

There is a quaint term used in our armed forces “Nil returns are required”. If after the weekend, having considered the subject for a while, you don’t have any ideas, or people we could lurk, then please do say that. I am looking forward to seeing 277 mails.

Only, I will caution against saying “Actually I have no idea, I am only here for the be*er”. [Nothing to be read into this spelling; only I am cautious about mail surveillance].

Your responses, please to …

Go well and safe,


Chairman BBA Eastern Province