Message from the Chairman

Greetings BBA’s of the Eastern Province.

If you are driving while you read this; please stop now. With us now for some decades, mobile phones have brought enormous benefits but their mis-use has also caused death and injury. Use them with responsibility!

Safety note accomplished, and hoping to have caught your attention, let me turn to the new energy of your committee and our activities for the year ahead. We have already had our first meeting and having accomplished some necessary housekeeping we laid out the plan for the year. We will begin to roll that out in the next month.

Actually that month has not yet begun and I am looking forward to some great April Fools. There can be nothing like the first of April to wake us up! Great to be woken up; let’s look forward to some great events.

One of the things we must do this year is to reduce our cash float and to this end we will make some charitable donations. Please do let us know your charity of choice and we will make some decisions around them.

Then what we also need from you are ideas. Ideas as to what we can do to further our mission. Our mission is to develop British business. There are some who can act out themselves under the guise of being Santa Claus, and there are others who will stand up and lecture on the four W’s but most are more comfortable with a note which begins “why don’t they….”. In point of fact, I, we, am, are, looking to you and saying “why don’t you drop us a line with at least one idea as to what we can do, or you can do, or some-one else could do”.

Generally in such circumstances, answers are slow to emerge and some hints have to be given! Hint! We need folk to present and speak at our events. If it is not you then lurk someone or suggest to us who we might chase!

By 10th April please, the day of QBP, by way of your appreciation of Queen and country, your favourite charity and one idea.

With my best wishes for your comfort, safety and wellbeing, (and ideas).

Keith Stephen